Refund Policy – 返金ポリシー

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Refund Policy

Wor(l)d offers a refund policy with the following conditions:

1. Request timing and amount refundable:

a) For digital/electronic products, assuming that the delivery takes place at the same time as the payment, the refund requests must be made within 30 days of the purchase date. In this case, the amount refundable is 95 percent of the total price.
b) For physical products already shipped out, refund requests must be made within 30 days from the day the product was shipped. In this case, the amount refundable is 90 percent of the total price (shipping costs excluded).
c) For physical products not yet shipped due to company delay, the refund request can be done anytime. In this case, the amount refundable is 95 percent of the total price (shipping costs included).
d) For physical products already shipped but not received due to shipping company issues, the refund request can be done anytime (until the tracking code can be traced). In this case, the amount refundable is 95 percent of the total price (shipping costs excluded).
e) For unshipped physical products with shipping address issues (that means that the user provided an incorrect shipping address), the refund request can be done anytime. If the request is done within 30 days of the order purchase date, the amount refundable will be 90 percent of the total price (shipping costs included). If the refund request is done after the 30 days are up, the amount refundable will be 50 percent of the total price (shipping costs included).
f) For physical products shipped and subsequently returned to the Company due to shipping address issues (that means that the user refuses delivery of the shipment or that the user provided an incorrect shipping address), the refund request can be done anytime. If the request is done within 30 days of the order purchase date, the amount refundable will be 90 percent of the total price (shipping costs excluded). If the refund request is done after the 30 days are up, the amount refundable will be 50 percent of the total price (shipping costs excluded).



1. 返金ができる金額及びご要望の時機:

a) デジタル・電子製品につきましては、配送が支払いと同時になされるものと仮定しまして、返金のご要望は、ご購入の日から30日以内にお申し付けいただく必要があります。この場合、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の95パーセントとさせていただきます。
b) 既に出荷済みの物的製品につきましては、返金のご要望は、製品出荷の日から30日以内にお申し付けいただく必要があります。この場合、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の90パーセントとさせていただきます(出荷費用を除きます)。
c) 会社の責に帰する遅延により出荷されていない物的製品につきましては、返金のご要望は、いつでもお受けさせていただきます。この場合、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の95パーセントとさせていただきます(出荷費用を除きます)。
d) 既に出荷済みであるが、配送業者の責に帰する事由により未達である物的製品につきましては、返金のご要望は、いつでもお受けさせていただきます(ただし、トラッキング・コードが追跡できる期間内とさせていただきます)。この場合、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の95パーセントとさせていただきます(出荷費用を除きます)。
e) 配送先住所の問題(お客様が誤った配送先住所をお届けになった場合など)により出荷されていない物的製品につきましては、返金のご要望は、いつでもお受けさせていただきます。ご要望が注文書の日付から30日以内になされた場合には、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の90パーセントとさせていただくことになります(出荷費用を除きます)。ご要望が注文書の日付から30日を過ぎてなされた場合には、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の50パーセントとさせていただくことになります(出荷費用を除きます)。
f) 出荷された後、配送先住所の問題(お客様が配送を拒否したか又は客様が誤った配送先住所をお届けになった場合など)により会社に返品された物的製品につきましては、返金のご要望は、いつでもお受けさせていただきます。ご要望が注文書の日付から30日以内になされた場合には、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の90パーセントとさせていただくことになります(出荷費用を除きます)。ご要望が注文書の日付から30日を過ぎてなされた場合には、返金ができる金額は、お支払いいただいた総額の50パーセントとさせていただくことになります(出荷費用を除きます)。

2. Products purchased with Loyalty Points

Products purchased with Loyalty Points are eligible for refund. According to refund policy, the request for refund must be made before the product has shipped. If the refund is accepted, the Loyalty Points will be restored, and the costs paid will be reimbursed.

2. ロイヤルティ・ポイントで購入された製品


3. Inventory Orders Particular Terms

For the countries where this policy is valid we don’t consider any Member inventory orders particular terms;

3. 在庫注文向け特別条件


4. Partial Refund

Users may return individual products that are purchased as part of a kit, bundle, or a package (partial refund). The benefits of the bundle (discounts or free products) are lost and the items retained are full price computed. Refund amounts are calculated according to the full price of the items retained. Example: If the user has bought a personal pack (composed of one Helo LX, one Germanium Kit, one Helo LX Band Kit) and then decides to return the Helo LX Band Kit, the refund amount will be calculated by subtracting the full cost of the retained products (even if the item in the bundle was promotional and free).

4. 個別返金

お客様は、キット、バンドル又はパッケージ(以下総称して「バンドル」といいます。)の一部として購入された個別の製品を返品することができます(個別返金)。バンドルの有利な条件(値引き又は無償製品)は失われるため、残った品目は定価で計算されます。返金額は残った品目の定価に従って計算されます。例えば、パーソナル・パック(1台のHELO LX、1個のゲルマニウム・キット、1個のHELO LXバンド・キットから構成)を購入されたあるお客様がHELO LXバンド・キットを返品する場合、返金額は、購入価格から残った製品の定価を差し引いて計算されることになります(バンドルに含まれる当該品目がキャンペーン価格や無償であった場合も含みます)。

5. Refunds For Items Purchased From Another One

The company accept the refund only on products that the user has personally purchased from the company. The Company does not provide refunds for products or services purchased from another distributor;

5. 別人から購入された品目の返金


6. Request Refunds

To request refunds, users need to contact customer care through usual available channels. The user must provide the order number at the time the request is made. The user will receive a refund ID and must follow the procedure.

6. 返金のご要望


7. Refund-RMA

Users must receive approval for returns by completing a Return Merchandise Authorization for a Refund (“Refund-RMA”). Only after users get their RMA number can they ship products back to the Company.

7. 返金RMA


8. RMA Numbers Expiration

RMA numbers expire 30 days after their creation. Users must ship back products in time for them to arrive within 30 days. Products sent to the Company without a valid and authorized RMA or with an expired RMA (more than 30 days) will not qualify for a refund, and the product will be returned to the user at his or her expense.

8. RMA番号の失効


9. Money Back Payments

The money back payments of the refund will be executed within 60 days of the time the returned product is received (or 60 days from the approval if there are no products to ship back).

9. 返金の支払い


10. Confirmation

After payments, users will receive a confirmation email.

10. 確認


11. Brand Packaging and Seals

Brand packaging and seals must be intact.
Example: A user with a Premium Bundle opens primary package and also one Helo LX. He or she can ask for a refund only for the unopened Helo LX.

11. パッケージと封印

例:プレミアム・バンドル外箱と1個のHELO LXを開封したお客様は開封していないHELO LXに限り返金をご要望いただけます。

12. Products Eligible For Refund

Products must be in their original condition; only unaltered packs and unopened, unsoiled, unused product will be eligible for a refund.

12. 返金対象製品


13. Product Approved For Resale

Product must be in a condition approved for resale and restock in order to be eligible for refund. An item approved for resale must be in its original packaging with seals and wrapping in place.

13. 再販売承諾品目


14. Exchange-RMA

The Company does not accept the refund request for the following cases that are managed as “Exchange-RMA”:
◦ Defective products
◦ Product is used/worn or altered
◦ Physical damage to the box or to the product
◦ If sealed package of branded products is open
◦ The packet was empty/some item or accessory was missing

14. 交換RMA

◦ 欠陥品
◦ 使用歴のある又は改造された製品
◦ ボックス〔包装容器〕又は製品への物的損害
◦ 個別製品のパッケージの封印が開けられていた場合
◦ 包が空/何らかの品目がかけていた場合

15. Return Shipping Costs

All return shipping costs must be paid by the user and will not be refunded.

15. 返送料


16. Refunds Processes

Refunds, wherever applicable, will be processed by reversing the mode of payment.

16. 返金処理


17. Customer or Member

The Company may evaluate, at its sole discretion, whether to close customer or member accounts.

17. 顧客かメンバーかの判断


WOR(l)D reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this Refund Policy at any time. It is your responsibility to check this document periodically for changes.






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